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Laura Air

Laura Air

Group Account Director

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Specialising in corporate, retail and consumer communications, Laura is one of the industry’s foremost consultants and is sought after in moments of crisis. Laura came into the PR industry through the coalface of retail, where she managed the flagship store of an international brand. Her knack for tapping into the retailer and consumer mindset has earned her a high degree of trust among her large stable of clients in retail, hospitality, fashion, fiduciary services, sustainability and childcare.

A natural leader, Laura has nurtured and guided teams to create and implement award-winning campaigns. Her combination of high-level strategic nous and finely tuned interpersonal skills are vital to her clients, who rely on her sage advice and calm demeanour during both the best and worst of times.

Laura has managed many watershed issues for clients: consumer fall-out with major brands; on-site incidents including fires, injuries and theft; and to the large-scale and round-the-clock management of trans-Tasman communications for AMP Capital Shopping Centres during the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and their aftermath.

From launching shopping centre developments that achieve in excess of half a million dollars in PR coverage and widespread buy-in and anticipation, to navigating and managing delicate crises, Laura’s strategic approach and well-honed skills produce outstanding results. She also brings a creative edge to her work through her photography, forever in search of the perfect picture to capture and illustrate moments in a world where the fastest-growing media platforms are visual.