Case Studies

NOT FOR PROFIT: Annual #LOVEYERGUTS Campaign - The Gut Cancer Foundation

5th June 2019

Campaign overview:

Building on a successful #LOVEYERGUTS campaign in 2018, in January 2019 Alexander PR was briefed by Gut Cancer Foundation executive officer Ruth Davy to help form a media strategy and leverage key periods in the Gut Cancer Foundation’s awareness campaign with media, corporate sponsorships and social media. This campaign offered the Foundation an opportunity to raise awareness around gut cancers and generate donations to fund vital clinical research and improve the outcomes for gut cancer patients.

For phase one, Alexander PR created a series of video resources based on interviews with key gut cancer representatives and Ruth Davy. For this video series, Alexander PR wanted a diverse range of talent where the audience could get a glimpse of not only a survivor’s point of view but also someone who had been active in the community and seen first-hand the power of this campaign.

The first two key people selected were Glynn Meads, the son of Sir Colin Meads (who died of pancreatic cancer in 2017), and Waitete RFC Club Manager Neil McCrae, who was involved in last year’s campaign. The second two were bowel cancer survivor and GCF Ambassador Anika Henderson and Ruth Davy. In collaboration with these contributors, Alexander PR created a series of nine 15- to 30-second clips which highlighted the campaign’s key themes and messages.

The second and third phases focused on engagement with media ahead of the awareness month in May. Alexander PR engaged with long-lead media such as TVNZ’s Sunday programme, monthly magazines and national mainstream media to slowly roll out key stories, and shared the videos illustrating the real-life stories of the key gut cancer representatives.


The annual #LOVEYERGUTS campaign generated national media coverage from mainstream media with the likes of Breakfast, New Zealand Herald, Herald on Sunday, Magic Talk radio and Now To Love. Glynn Meads appeared on The Project to share his story, and Anika Henderson featured in an article on and in a double-page spreads in Next magazine. The amount of media coverage generated was $412,720, a significant measure of success for the 2019 campaign.