Case Studies


18th May 2019

Campaign overview

Cream Ltd is an innovative software initiative, an online trading platform for buyers and sellers in the dairy industry. The ground breaking e-commerce technology is designed to break down complex processes and facilitate interaction between users from all ends of the globe, allowing them to communicate with ease in a digital environment that can be moulded to fit their specific needs.

In working with Cream Ltd, Alexander PR’s brief was to create talk-ability, lower the perceived risk associated with change, and see the company benefit from the power of third-party endorsement through media. APR’s priority was to communicate the vision of Cream Ltd’s founders, sharing their success stories to attract a larger global audience.


With the assistance of APR, Cream Ltd has appeared in multiple media publications. Cream Ltd featured as the cover story for the 2015 Spring issue of Exporter. A five-page spread detailed the company’s gestation, aspirations and achievements. CEO Kevin O’Sullivan was interviewed for the piece, communicating the exciting potential his platform had to offer the dairy industry.

On 13 October 2015, The New Zealand Herald published an article focusing on Cream’s unique round-the-clock service. The piece detailed the company’s future prospects and ultimate plans to expand to trading meat and other commodities through the platform.

On 19 October 2015, the NBR published an article describing Cream Ltd’s services and how the software helps eliminate the complexity of the transaction process between global dairy traders.

On 26 October 2015, The New Zealand Farmers Weekly produced an explanatory piece on the platform’s ability to transform the dairy trading process by increasing accessibility and reducing volatility.

Also in October, Cream CEO Kevin O’Sullivan was interviewed on Country TV. Kevin reiterated the ins and outs of the technology, highlighting its pioneering 23/5 service. The informative segment was key in targeting the national farming and dairy trading community.