New white paper: 23 bad habits your board should change

20th March | Thought Leadership, Issues and Crisis, Reputation Management, Strategy, Announcement

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Are you responsible for leading an organization during these turbulent times? Is 2023 the year of the perfect storm?

Introducing our new, free white paper for leaders on the “23 Bad Habits your Board Should Change in the Era of Polycrisis”.

In this resource we share the common mistakes made by boards, senior executives, and founders, as well as offer nine common themes and topline solutions

You can access your free copy of the white paper here.

In this white paper you will find observation, wisdom, and advice from the coalface of businesses around the world, provided by leaders in multiple industries in Australasia and Asia, North and Latin America, and Europe.

Their takes on some of the absolute must-dos for boards anticipating turbulence are multifaceted, deeply considered, and informed by countless collective decades of rich experience. Our hope is that you find this current analysis of common mistakes and solutions to avert crisis useful in steering your own ship through rough waters and coming out stronger.

In this white paper we take a look at:

• The common mistakes made by boards, senior executives, and founders
• Some topline solutions – dealing with the habits, the issues and averting the crisis
• In the final analysis – nine common themes and the solutions in brief

Get the free 2023 white paper here.

We’d like to thank the leaders across the globe, many of whom also sit on a number of boards, who contributed their expertise to this white paper.