How to create a virtual podcast series

6th April | Content Creation, Thought Leadership, Social Media Marketing, Behind the Scenes, Podcasts

Despite the lockdown, many businesses and thought leaders are taking this time as an opportunity to innovate how they communicate.

In this video, we discuss how you can continue creating – and curating – content through virtual apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts and other tele-conferencing tools.

Our content specialists Tristram Clayton and Emily Svadlenak also discuss why this is such a great way to communicate with your audience. 

 As sound quality is one of the key elements of a good podcast, we highly recommend recording your discussions on mobile phones (unless you have a quality microphone at home). To showcase the different sound options for the most common tools available, we recorded the sound of the first part of this virtual podcast with our mobile phones, and used our headphone microphones for the second part.

Your podcast set-up checklist:

  • Wear headphones to avoid any sound kickback.
  • Make sure the appropriate person is made host on your Zoom call (only hosts can approve recording sessions).
  • For better audio quality, alongside video recording of the session, ask each participant to record the session on their phone to reduce the risk of audio drop-outs and generally better quality (i.e. iPhone voice memos and Android voice recorder).
  • Put your phone on flight mode to avoid vibrations/interruptions.
  • Mute your laptop notifications to avoid interruptions.
  • Ideally sit somewhere with natural, frontal light where you won’t be disturbed while you record.
  • Make sure you have notes of what you will talk about.

If you’d like to know more about creating your own virtual podcasts, or need help setting up tele-conferencing apps like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype etc., feel free to get in touch with our team.